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Sealing textures and additives (see more products in price list)

DenberTex Primer

Description: A white primer for sealing and strengthening different types of exterior walls. It provides a smooth and strong primary surface sealing tracks and protecting against rain, and can be applied in all types of weather. Tints: White.


1litre covers approx. a 4 sqm. surface.

Surface to be painted should be cleaned under pressure with water then air.
Spraying under all weather conditions between -20 to +45 C.
Dilute 10% with white spirit.
24 hrs.
Flammable. Do not ingest.





Textured and Non Textured Protective Coating for Exterior Surfaces.

Description: A highly durable top quality exterior coating, giving any outdoor surfaces protective, hermetic, climate resistant textured surfaces. It covers existing and future minor defects or cracks and is a highly flexible, mat finish, non-textured coating.

Tints and Gloss:
Silk mat finish with a range of colors.
The surface to be painted must be clean of rust , dirt, grease and previous paint.
Apply with a brush or by spraying in all weather conditions between -20 to +45 C.
Brushing: for DenberTex Super only - max, 20% with D-18 synthetic thinner. Spraying: for DenberTex - max. 10% with D-18, for DenberTex textured-max. 5% with D-18.
Min. drying period - 24 hrs. Recommended drying period - 3 days. Final drying period is not less than 30 days.
Shelf Life:
Up to 24 months below 25C in a sealed container


Wet Surface Protection Coat.

Description: A highly adhesive top sealer tinted paint for tile and cement roofs, showers and wet kitchen surfaces. Prevents ground water and is resistant up to 4 atmospheres. It is a long lasting coat made from unique polymers that can be applied to a damp surface.


1 litre covers a 6-8 sqm. surface.
The surface to be painted must be clean of rust, dirt, grease and previous paint.
Can be applied using a brush, roller or sprayer. Do not apply over fully damp surfaces or during damp weather.
Dilute with white spirit, 1st coat 20-30% and 2nd coat a max. of 15%.
For contact 3-4 hrs, between coats 24 hrs, complete drying after 2 weeks. In addition a fast drying TutGum is available on request which dries in 20 min.
Highly flammable - work in a well ventilated room or outdoors. Do not ingest and avoid contact with skin and eyes. Keep out of reach of children.

Cement Bond

Acrylic Polymer for General use.

Description: A pure acrylic polymer to use as an additive for all cement mixtures to improve sealing characteristics, adhesiveness, grinding resistance and against chemicals and salt. It improves plaster, loam and day mixtures, wall coats, strengthens coating renovations and sealing jobs on wet surfaces.

Application and Dilution: For sealing improvement - add Cement Bond to all cement mixtures after diluting 40% with water then stir well until a liquid paste forms and apply with a brush. For cement, plaster, loam and clay mixtures - add 10-20% Cement Bond (approx. 1 gallon for each 50 kg cement bag) .

EL Mylm 2001

A Water Repellent Polysilicon Paint .

Description: An absorbent silicon based paint with high penetrating ability. It is ideal for exterior walls and will not change the appearance of the wall.

1 litre covers a 2-5 sqm. surface depending on the absorbance of the wall.
The surface to be painted must be clean, dry and sterilized from microorganisms.
Application and Dilution:
Apply with a brush or roller. Ready to use without diluting.
6-8 hrs.
Store in a cool place away from heat.


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