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Denber Paints and Coatings Israel Ltd, develops, manufactures and distributes paints, coatings and chemicals world-wide. In 1990, after 8 years of activity, it expanded into 3 divisions:

1. Paint Division:

Polymer based paints diluted by water or solvents, oil paints, epoxy paints, polyurethane paints, nitro paints and melamine paints, also nonisocyanate polyurethane together with EFM (Germany)

2. Building Coating Division:

Spraying: Coatings with delicate and rough texture diluted with water, exterior coatings diluted with solvent, based on special copolymers of the Good Year company (U.S.I).

Spreading: Natural marble stone coatings in gorgeous colors, "Marmarina", and also acrylic supplements for mortar and plaster in buildings.

3. Chemical Division:

Car products: Engine and carburetor cleaning products, hand creams and cleaners, car cleaning products. Chemicals to treat and clean metal: Rust and grease removers, inhibitors and passivators for aluminium, brass, etc.

Denber's high quality paint products are used by:
  • Building Companies: For interior painting and exterior coating of buildings, roofs and basements.
  • For municipalities: to paint roads, protect buildings, and to guard and strengthen old buildings.
  • Metal Industries: For painting machines and construction.
  • Wood Industries: For painting wood buildings, floors and furniture.
  • Military Uses: For painting ships, submarines, airplanes and war machinery. For painting camouflage, making things smoke resistant etc.
  • Transport industries: For painting cars, buses, trucks, trains, and shipping containers.

Paint and Do-it-Yourself Stores: Paints for the private consumer which come in small and medium quantities.

Denber's paint products are manufactured according to the ISO 9000 international quality control system. Denber's products meet all the demands of its customers according to all international standards, such as the USA MlL SPEC standards, or any other local standards of a particular country.

Denber exports its products to every continent in the world and provides technical support and advice to serve all its customer's needs.

All Denber products are tested under the strictest standards in the company's quality control laboratories before being sold. Each product comes with a detailed product description and instructions for use.

The quality and reliability of Denber's paints and coating, and their durability from year to year, have made Denber a recognized name throughout the world.

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